Equality and diversity unit 1 assignment

After a year of teaching, she earned a public policy fellowship from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute CHCIwhich is dedicated to helping obtain government jobs for young Latinos.

Equality and diversity unit 1 assignment

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Introduction [1] Two statutes govern intestate succession in South Africa. Section 23 of the Act [1] read with regulations framed in terms of section 23 10 contains Equality and diversity unit 1 assignment that deal exclusively with intestate deceased estates of Africans.

The first is the question of the constitutional validity of section 23 of the Act. The second concerns the constitutional validity of the principle of primogeniture in the context of the customary law of succession.

No submissions were, however, received from the House of Traditional Leaders. They were heard together, by direction of the Chief Justice, since they are all concerned with intestate succession in the context of customary law.

In both cases, the respective Magistrates made decisions on the basis of the relevant provisions of the legislation governing intestate succession.

They had initially applied to the Pretoria High Court for relief which included the constitutional invalidation of the whole of section 23 of the Act.

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Before argument was heard in the High Court, the order in the Bhe case [11] was referred to this Court for confirmation. Rather than proceed in the Pretoria High Court, the two applicants then applied for direct access to this Court for the relief which they had initially sought in the High Court.

The application for direct access was granted by this Court on 3 November and the reasons for that decision are set out below.

Equality and diversity unit 1 assignment

The President of the Republic of South Africa the President and the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Development the Minister are cited as the third and fourth respondents respectively. The Commission for Gender Equality, a state institution established under section of the Constitution, [18] was admitted as amicus curiae and presented helpful written and oral submissions to the Court.

I consider that the evidence produced is not sufficient to resolve the issue one way or another. It will accordingly be necessary, for purposes of this judgment, to deal with the effects of extra-marital birth on intestate succession, from the perspective of the rule of primogeniture and that of section 23 of the Act and the regulations.

I return to this issue in due course. He was a carpenter and she a domestic worker. They were poor and lived in a temporary informal shelter in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. The deceased subsequently obtained state housing subsidies which he used to purchase the property on which they lived as well as building materials in order to build a house.

He however died before the house could be built. Until his death, the youngest of the two minor children lived with him and Ms Bhe in the temporary informal shelter.

The deceased supported Ms Bhe and the two children and they were dependent on him. The estate comprises the temporary informal shelter and the property on which it stands, and miscellaneous items of movable property that Ms Bhe and the deceased had acquired jointly over the years, including building materials for the house they intended to build.

In spite of the fact that he resided in Berlin in the Eastern Cape and nowhere near Cape Town, he was appointed representative and sole heir of the deceased estate by the Magistrate in accordance with section 23 of the Act and the regulations.

Fearing that Ms Bhe and the two minor children would be rendered homeless, the applicants approached the Cape High Court and obtained two interdicts pendente lite to prevent a the selling of the immovable property for the purposes of off-setting funeral expenses; and b further harassment of Ms Bhe by the father of the deceased.46 Defending the equality agenda - National Executive Committee Congress condemns the rise of authoritarian populism and of politicians and parties who attack equal rights and propagate racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and discrimination against disabled and LGBT+ people.

2 assignments will be required to pass Unit 2. Assignment 1: Discrimination within the Health Service (P1/P2/P3/M1) Assignment 2: Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care. LO’s.

Equality and diversity unit 1 assignment

To understand the concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social care. NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity Unit 1: Exploring Equality and Diversity Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment.

Unit 1 Equality and Diversity Level 4Theory assignment Methodology The aims and objectives of this unit are to show an understanding of the role of Equality and Diversity in education I have chosen to research and write about those areas that are relevant and appropriate to the work that I am doing, in order to improve my teaching practice.

Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care Assessment Criteria: Explain the Concept of Equality, Diversity and Rights in . An equality and diversity policy should contain the following: • A commitment to treat everyone equally and fairly.

• A statement stating the organisations aims to .

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