Model gp essays on science and technology

Might also not put you off so easily as you appreciate the more "scientific" approach to writing the essay rather than the relatively flamboyant ones we normally get to see in KS Bull.

Model gp essays on science and technology

How far do you agree with this statement? For the past century, science has been viewed as a tool of enlightenment, allowing Man to gain insights into the secrets of Mother Nature, and enabling him to manipulate this cognizance for the greater good of Mankind.

As such, scientists are viewed with great respect and admiration, not only for their gifted intellect, but as well as their service to Mankind. As such, I would disagree with the statement. However, it is also possible for scientists to err, and if they do so, such a view is justified.

In this capitalist age, scientists are often driven by avarice and their lust for fame rather than to help people. However, scientists are often not the true wielders of the power of science.

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They are acting on the commands of higher authorities. The nature of the area of research can also be problematic in the first place, and this might spark controversy among people. To judge a scientist, it would be relevant to first gain knowledge on his motives for research.

For many, the allure of prosperity and fame is difficult to resist. The prospect of a future life of luxury leads many scientists to contemplate acting or even acting against their values. Not too long, a Korean scientist claimed to have had unprecedented finding in the area of genetics.

He managed to gain fame overnight, but under the scrutiny of the scientific community, flaws in his work were detected and indicated that he had falsified his findings. The public responded rancourously, and it brought shame to him and his country. If a scientist is willing to compromise on his integrity to satisfy his need, the effect it would have on Man is often adverse.

In the case where a scientist develops a potentially harmful drug but manages to successfully pass it off as treatment, the consequences could be unthinkable.

At a cursory glance, it would seem that scientists control their work as they are the ones carrying it out. However, more often than not, scientists are not acting based on their will.

Under the regime of the late Kim Il Sung, it would be virtually impossible for any scientist to defy him. Hitler also managed to ride on the credibility of the scientists to justify his own pseudo science to support the carnage of millions of Jews across Europe.

Therefore, it is clear scientists do not have much control over their research after all as they obtain funds from these higher powers. Though some scientists might be corrupt, there are also scientists who are altruistic, engaging in their research for the benefit of Mankind.

His work would lay the foundations for future development in quantum physics to further improve the welfare of humans, to develop machines that would greatly ease their burden. However, his work also went on to inspire the Manhattan Project which lead to the discovery of the atomic bomb.

Concomitantly, one might be misled into thinking that the scientists are responsible for such horrific incidents. While scientists bear some of the blame, the major reason for such mishaps is not because of the scientist himself, but other factors which led to it, in this case, the belligerence of Japan.

Recently in the spotlight, there has been much discussion in the area of genetics. There are various issues associated with it such as stem cell research, cloning and the creation of designer babies. All these issues do not differ much in the controversy which they generate. This argument is highly fallacious, as these differences in attitudes between different groups of people would exist, whether such sensitive issues such as genetic research come into play.

What genetic research does is only bringing the gulf in opinions to the surface, making it more obvious. This might not be a disadvantage after all, for the first step to resolve any conflict is to identify it first.

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As such, genetic research might even be useful in bringing the world closer together and dispelling animosity. I do not repudiate this statement, for after all, scientists are also human. However, to assume that all scientists are evil just because of a few black sheep is highly parochial.

Besides, scientists are the people who have contributed most to Mankind in terms of alleviating tangible problems which our ancestors used to face, such as allowing us to prepare for natural disasters and preventing many deaths from diseases.

They should be accorded due respect for that.

Model gp essays on science and technology

Interesting insights, quite an atypical approach.Jul 22,  · A model essay The essay below is from a Science student and hopefully it will prove to you that you don't necessarily have to be an Arts/Humanities student with exceptional flair with the language to score well for GP.

Practicing for GP essays can pose some challenges. One of the best things you can do when preparing for your gp tuition is to look at some examples of general paper essays and take notes.

You can then see how it works and model the structure. Here's an essential reference for all managers facing the multitude of issues involved in any measurement program.

Developed from an award-winning doctoral thesis at Carnegie Mellon University, this is a lucid, captivating analysis of . Sep 21,  · Model gp essays on science and technology >>> CLICK HERE Back pain from spondylolisthesis With some gre analytical writing practice, you can increase your score arguments to create outlines that you know how to turn into essays.

Apr 04,  · Science & Technology No comments For the past century, science has been viewed as a tool of enlightenment, allowing Man to gain insights into the secrets of Mother Nature, and enabling him to manipulate this cognizance for the greater good of Mankind.

Mar 01,  · The age of the new dawn has arrived. Winds howl the arrival of a new era where the world is moving into a period of global instability, corruption, educational inequality, elitism and snobbishness.

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