Paper recycling business plan pdf

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Paper recycling business plan pdf

The process is known as Paper Recycling. Our business will help the paper industry to fulfill the rapidly increasing demand of paper products. Due to the inability for paper industry to meet the demand of paper, country needs to import paper from abroad.

Due to this demand-supply gap, prices of paper products are increasing day by day. Our business plan will not only decrease the import bill of the country but also will decrease the price of paper products which will increase the purchasing power of the individuals and hence it will increase their welfare.

There are two possible reasons for which people would love to buy recycled paper products. In an era of high rate of inflation, this low priced range of products will attract people to purchase. Recycled paper products are friendly to environment. Since this production process requires used paper, less energy, less water and other raw materials, it is a cost effective process.

In this way it has advantage over other products in the market. Another aspect of advantage is that of environment friendliness. This product will not only compete with the existing paper maker firms but also it will compete with the other closely related industries, such as polythene bag manufacturers.

We all know that polythene bags are in one way or the other hazardous to the environment. This weakness of polythene bags becomes our strength and hence gives us competitive advantage over them.

Despite minor fluctuations in the consumption of paper over the years, it is showing an increasing trend. From the data of 50 Years given in later paragraphswe can predict that in future this demand will be increasing, as a result production capacities will be needed to be increased to meet the world demand.

Bangladeshi Paper market is large and growing but the pace of growth is declining because of increase in cost of production due to rapid increase in Fuel and Energy prices.

Despite of the constraints, the market will grow because of the increase in demand of paper products forthcoming years. Per capita paper consumption is showing increasing trend over the years. In the periodthe consumption took huge jump showing the increase in need of paper in daily life.

From almost 0 percent inthis share increased to 0. The information stated above shows that there is huge potential in Paper Market as the per capita consumption is increasing over the years.

Paper Recycling has five main categories and 67 sub-categories.

paper recycling business plan pdf

The details of the processing stages will vary according to whether pulp substitute grades, newsprint or packaging grades are treated. After an initial soaking, the recovered paper is pulped to separate the fibers, screened to remove the non-paper components and paper and board detrimental to production, de-inked but not in packaging productionthickened and washed.

Therefore, the input of one tone of recovered paper will result on average in the production of approximately kg of recycled paper. Losses tend to increase with increased recovered paper content in paper destined for recycling.

Unlike metals and glass, paper cannot be perpetually recycled, as the fibers break in the pulping process. It is estimated that paper can be reprocessed four times so virgin fiber will always be needed.

Initial capital requirement for manual processing will be around Tk.Therefore, my Business plan is a process to convert used paper to the new, re-useable paper. The process is known as Paper Recycling. This idea will help the paper industry to fulfil the rapidly increasing demand of paper products.

We are committed to helping our customers recycle responsibly. Our product recycling goal is to recycle million tonnes of hardware and supplies by since the beginning of , and we’ve recycled , tonnes through Single-stream Recycling The term “single-stream” simply refers to the fact that it is no longer necessary to separate paper and containers for recycling.

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paper recycling business plan pdf
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