Themen master thesis controlling

The students have to pass successfully more than one of the following courses: Organizational instructions Students who are interested in writing a thesis please contact as early as possible one of the assistants at the moment: At the first meeting the topic is hashed out and the thesis is fixed regarding to the content.

Meaning of Work Bachelor There has been a change in the workplace recently. As the Forbes Magazin is headlining: Therefore, the objective of this thesis is to investigate the incentive effect of meaning.

Do individuals acutally care about meaning and purpose? What are different sources of meaning? What are the direct and indirect effects of meaning? How to win the War for Talent? Master What influences individuals in their decision where to apply?

Do individuals care about a company's social responsibility activities, the mission of a company, job details etc.? Or does none of this matter if the money is right? What do women really want? Master The attractiveness of an employer plays a key role in an applicants' decision-making process.

In the last decades, companies have made substantial efforts in order to make their company more attractive for women. Many companies have established company run childcare facilities, set up mentoring programs for women, allow tele work, etc.

The aim of this thesis is to explore which environmental factors like childcare facilities, tele work or even women in the executive board determine the attractiveness of employers for women in Germany.

Departing from this finding several researchers have investigared the reasons for the gender gap as well as measures to reduce the gender gap. The aim of the thesis is to review the latest literature on gender differences in tournament entry. Annual Review of Economics, 3 1— The aim of this thesis is to compare existing real effort tasks and design a new real effort task on the basis of given criteria.

Lezzi, Fleming, Zizzo Hydrogen has long been heralded as a potentially crucial element in this transition, but the inability to produce the gas at low costs and emissions has so far withheld a widespread adoption.

Recent technological advancements and the sharp decline in the cost of renewable energy suggest improved economics for the production of hydrogen from renewable power through a Power-to-Gas PtG process.

This thesis strives to examine valuable business opportunities for renewable hydrogen in the market through market research, expert interviews, and techno-economic modelling.

What are valuable business cases for renewable hydrogen?


Gunther Glenk, Stefan Reichelstein, Supervisor: These capacities are underutilized because most private vehicles stand idle large shares of their lifetime. They offer the potential for secondary applications via controlled grid-to-vehicle G2V or vehicle-to-grid V2G charging.

Literature on the financial benefit of those technologies is somewhat ambiguous. A clearly structured review of existing literature should identify research that addresses the financial benefits.

What are the financial benefits of typical applications of controlled grid-to-vehicle G2V or vehicle-to-grid V2G charging? Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles as regulating power providers: Case studies of Sweden and Germany. Energy Policy, 38, — Simulation of demand management and grid balancing with electric vehicles.

themen master thesis controlling

Journal of Power Sources,—university of ljubljana faculty of economics master's thesis evolution and critical evaluation of current budgeting practices ljubljana, september duŠan banovi Ć.

The Importance of Sustainable Business Practices in the Viennese Accommodation Industry Submitted by Marita Raderbauer to the University of Exeter as a thesis for the degree of Master of Sciences September This study investigates the importance of sustainable business practices in accommodation.

MSc Thesis Projects Are you looking for an MSc project in Control Systems? We have compiled the following updated (May ) list of topics for you, please contact the intended supervisors if you are interested. You have to demonstrate your ability to work independently on a scientific problem by writing your master thesis within a specified amount of time.

Guidelines for writing a Bachelor or Master thesis at the Institute of Management Accounting and Control. Programme; Executive Education; The objective of a thesis is to show that the candidate is able to work independently and in an academic way on a question related to the field of business administration.

Controlling education. Master Thesis: Access Control in the Internet of Things!!!!!

themen master thesis controlling

Author – Denis Sitenkov Supervisors – Ludwig Seitz, Shahid Raza.

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